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Monthly archives for January, 2014

Victim or Victor?

  In my book – Champion – I share a story about a friend whom I have called Joe (p.129). Joe won’t let go of his past. He lives in the realm of the “if only…”   If only his parents had given him some love and a decent education. If only they had worked out their […]

Mediocrity… Your True Enem...

  I recently met a friend over coffee and as we chatted I could not help but wonder what ever happened to him. Back in the days, he was a high achieving go-getter. A little prodding and he revealed that he was not happy working in a company he didn’t like, for pay that could […]

Want to Advance? Seek A Mentor

  A friend called me the other day to wish me a Happy New Year. With gusto and self-confidence, he recounted the significance and symbolism of the number seven (7). He then invited me to exercise my imagination by trying to perceive what kind of year 2014 could be like. Fourteen is double the number […]

Be Intentional

  How time flies. Already, 2014 is here with us, and with a new year, perhaps another chance to start afresh. You may or may not have accomplished what you set out to do in 2013; you may have made mistakes that either caused bitterness or led to a better you; you may have fallen […]


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