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About David Waweru


David Waweru

David Waweru is an author, entrepreneur, trainer and blogger. David helps individuals and organisations unleash their full potential, and lifts them to dream bigger dreams. He draws on his own personal experiences, on his extensive travels, and on his study, both of human nature and of the subjects he is passionate about to help others achieve their boldest dreams.

David studied at Curtin Graduate School of Business in Perth, Australia. He has been a Golden Gloves amateur boxing champion, a high school science teacher, a science editor, and a leader on the Boards of several organizations. David enjoys reading, travel and discovery, and hiking. He lives in Nairobi, Kenya with his wife, Harriet, and their two children.

David’s blog focuses on helping people and organisations unleash their potential, and lifting them to dream bigger dreams.


David speaks about the state of reading, writing and book publishing in Kenya:


David speaks about the impact of VAT on books:

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