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5 Customer Service Thoughts

If you don't take care of your customer, someone else will

For several years, I have been deeply frustrated by the poor service offered by my internet provider. I have had to deal with recurrent outages, slow speeds and poor customer service. About two months ago, I could no longer bear spending huge chunks of my time on the phone trying to resolve problems with the […]

Overwhelmed? Here’s How To Get Y...

Have you had a season in life when hardship, pain and disappointment were your constant companions? When you were confronted with difficult challenges that threatened to consume you? You faced a major loss or a tough family situation. You or a loved one was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. You lost your job or your […]

All I Really Want

A story is told of an American businessman who was on vacation in Mexico. He visited a village by the lake where he saw a fisherman returning with his catch: six fish. “Only six fish?” he asked the fisherman.      “Yes, two for my family, and the rest I sell. That’s enough for the day.”   […]

Give Yourself A Break

“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.” ―Albert Camus   On this morning, I sit at the porch of a hermitage located in a narrow valley next to a small stream running through the sparse bushes. From my viewpoint, the eye and mind are soothed by the musical […]

So, You Want To Be An Entreprene...

  The total life plan of the average person in Africa is fairly straightforward: Step 1: Go to school, work hard, get good grades. Step 2: Good grades take you to university or college for a degree or diploma. Step 3: With a degree or diploma, you will get a good job. Step 4: Sit […]

The Curious Mind

“The world is like a fertile field that’s waiting to be harvested.”   –Edwin Land   If you have been around a young child for a period of time, you’ve probably heard them ask “how come?” more times than you can count. As a child, you probably asked that same question many times yourself. Perhaps, as […]

Finding Business A Lonely Path?

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” –Zig Ziglar   There’s something lonely about starting and running a business. Sometimes it feels like you have to carry your business on your shoulders – succeed or fail on your own – and it can be […]


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