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Talent Development Critical for Africa’s Future

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In an aging world, Africa has the advantage of a young and growing population. By 2034, the region is expected to have a larger workforce than either China or India. Notwithstanding, human capital development has stagnated and overall growth performance has dragged in recent years. The fundamentals across the whole continent are however strong and long-term growth projections are good. Africa will therefore need to step up its performance to make the most of the vast opportunities available. The continent’s prosperity will particularly depend on building a motivated, engaged, productive and highly effective workforce.


Will to Win Global is a developer of human potential. We are focused on harnessing the potential of individuals and organisations in Africa. We are passionate about workplace learning and performance. We build skills and capabilities, enabling greatness for extraordinary results. We inspire excellence and bring out the best in people. In short, we set people, teams and entire organisations up for success through carefully designed training programmes. Our method is experiential training. Three key objectives drive all we do:

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of individuals
  • Increasing organisational performance, and ultimately, the company’s bottom line
  • Improving the productivity of nations

Our Training Programmes 



Personality Style at Work (PSAW) is one of the latest and most statistically accurate personality assessments. It’s a simple, but highly effective tool that measures both the core behaviors that make-up an individual’s style and the lens through which they choose to navigate their world.

At the foundation of each of the four personality styles—Direct, Considerate, Spirited, and Systematic—is a set of three drivers that guide our actions, decisions, and general life approach. Delving even deeper into the framework of personality is a look at the lens of expressiveness and assertiveness—the learned behaviors that we use as a means of coping with the demands and expectations placed upon us and which help to explain how we can appear to have one personality at work and another in our personal life. The PSAW model can help us to not only better understand ourselves, but also better understand those around us.

Personality Style at Work includes a detailed, and highly personalized, feedback report, the Core Profile Plus, which indicates an individual’s primary personality style, strength of preference for using each of the drivers associated with their style, and strength of preference for using the assertive and expressive behaviors.




Will to Win Global is the licensee for Personify Leadership training programme in East Africa. Personify Leadership is an engaging two-day, highly interactive programme that provides comprehensive development for leaders. The training programme uses a body part model broken down into 8 specific categories, making it easy to apply and retain. Each individual category, or body part, is directly related to a leadership skill or competency. The training deconstructs each core competency, focusing on practical skills that you can apply immediately. The learning objectives for each competency, or body part, are as follows:



Other Training Programmes

  • Team Excellence: The Secret to Achieving High Performance

Organizations know that every one of their employees is valuable and contributes unique talents and experience to each project or task at hand. So, comparatively, when employees come together as a team, the end result is typically even greater success – that is, when members understand how to work collaboratively. Effective collaboration not only helps to increase the quality of results, but also the productivity.

Team Excellence: The Secret to Achieving High Performance is the training resource that ensures teams achieve these outcomes. Participants fundamentally learn to CARE by discovering techniques for effective Communication, maximizing individual Ability, producing Results, and fostering Esprit de corps. Among these techniques, they learn to create synergy, set goals, cultivate accountability, and coordinate effective team building activities, effectively allowing them to achieve high performance.

4 hours / Half Day


  • Productive Work Habits

Good work habits are essential for anyone who wants to succeed on his or her job. They increase your organisational value and job satisfaction and help you have better relationships with your boss and co-workers. Productivity isn’t about quantity. It’s about doing the right task, at the right time. In other words, it’s about recognizing what to do when. But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Employees and managers can improve their productivity with Productive Work Habits. Participants will begin to develop the positive habits they need to gain focus, learn how to prioritize tasks efficiently, become better organized, manage their time efficiently, work more effectively with colleagues – and even create better work-life balance.

4 hours / Half Day


  • Motivating Employees to Be Their Best

Unlike traditional extrinsic motivation techniques like rewards, Motivating Employees to Be Their Best is about helping employees to find intrinsic motivation by fostering positive feelings and eliminating obstacles. The program focuses on providing the skills and techniques you will need to help groups develop a sense of community, to acquire influence over their work-related actions, and to enjoy the openness of shared information and feelings.

The three elements of this type of climate are Community, Influence and Openness. The training focuses on providing the skills you will need to help groups develop a sense of community, to acquire influence over their work-related actions, and to enjoy the openness of shared information and feelings.

8 hours / Full Day


  • Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to comprehend your emotions and to manage them effectively. It also helps you say the right thing and accurately judge how the other person is reacting. This training program offers you techniques to increase and develop your emotional intelligence. It will guide you through proven methods to apply emotional intelligence in the workplace to enhance employee relationships and increase productivity.

4 hours / Half Day


  • Becoming a Customer Service Star

Don’t just talk about providing better customer service – make it a reality! Becoming a Customer Service Star helps both employees and managers examine their attitudes about customer service in five critical areas:

–Having a positive attitude toward customers

–Encouraging customer feedback

–Responding to customer problems

–Developing repeat relationships

–Seeking to exceed customer expectations

4 hours / Half Day


  • Strategic Planning 101: Using a Guided Process to Reach Long-term Goals

Strategic plans are a valuable tool for organisations. They help to focus energy and resources on the activities that align with long-term goals and they make an organization more responsive to a changing environment. However, while more than half of today’s organisations will create a strategic plan, most fail to see it through.

Strategic Planning 101 helps you to outline a plan that is relevant to your organisation’s mission, vision, and values and helps you to manage execution throughout the process. The program introduces a logical set of activities or tasks that are grouped into three phases: preparation, development, and implementation of the plan. Participants learn how to assemble the right team, gain the commitment of stakeholders, assess their current situation, formulate specific strategies, set priorities, develop objectives, measure success, and respond to change as the plan is carried out. With a case study to drive home application, this program will help to ensure your organization’s managers and leaders gain the know how to begin focusing team efforts to achieve long-term goals.



The Facilitators

Meet our human performance improvement professionals, David and Caroline:

David Waweru is a former Golden Gloves amateur boxing champion and high school teacher. He has broad experience in business and enterprise development and is the Founder of WordAlive Publishers, and the Chief Learning officer of Will to Win Global; both based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is an Approved Consultant with the Business Advocacy Fund and a Director of the state corporation Kenya Copyright Board. He has previously chaired several other Boards.

David is a Certified Trainer with Personality Style at Work (PSAW) and Personify Leadership, both in USA. He has conducted training in East Africa and countries such as Nigeria, USA, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Rwanda. He is the author of Champion: Achieving with Excellence. Recently, he started writing for children and has created the Safari Adventure Series, a collection of exciting life skills adventure storybooks.

David holds an MBA degree from Curtin Graduate School of Business, Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. His articles on education, entrepreneurship, and leadership have been published widely in leading newspapers and international magazines.


“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford

Caroline Muinga is a Certified Trainer with Personify Leadership in USA. She trained as, and was formerly, a Careers Adviser in London, UK where she facilitated career-centred training across East and South London. Caroline also worked for the New York State Assembly and served as Secretary to the Chair of Committee on Libraries and Education Technology. She is the Head of Publishing at WordAlive Publishers and Associate Trainer at Will to Win Global.

Caroline is passionate about empowering young people to adapt and thrive in a complex and fast-changing world. She serves in her community as a youth leader and mentor. She has given motivational talks in the US, UK, Kenya and Uganda.

Caroline holds an MA in English Literature from Royal Holloway, University of London. She also trained in Careers Information Advice and Guidance at the National Careers Service (UK).


May 2018

Cabinet, County Government of Kisumu

The Kisumu County government’s vision is to build a “peaceful and prosperous County where all citizens enjoy high quality life and a sense of belonging.” The leadership aims to  transform the County government to an efficient and effective entity, which will require a systematic management approach to development.

The Governor, H.E. Hon Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o, one of Africa’s iconic thinkers, respected academician and political leader, is focused on facilitating high performance at the executive team level in pursuance of the government’s goals for value creation and distribution. The appointment of a cabinet comprising of high level professionals and persons with vast experience in business and industry is indicative of a new era in Kenya’s political leadership and management of public affairs.

Will to Win Global facilitated strategic thinking and planning sessions during the cabinet’s 4-day retreat held at the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort in Naivasha.



May 2018

Sarova Hotels & Resorts Marketing and Sales Managers and Staff


Until about 23 years ago, it was believed that a person’s thoughts and actions were governed by conscious reasoning (cognition). However, groundbreaking discoveries in neuroscience during the mid-1990s  revealed that our perceptions, attitudes, decisions, and behaviour are influenced both by cognition and emotions. As a matter of fact, emotions may have greater influence because emotional processes often occur before cognitive processes, consequently influencing the latter.

Will to Win Global led an experiential training programme on Personal Effectiveness through Emotional Intelligence (EI) for senior managers and staff of the Sarova Hotels, Resorts & Game Lodges at the Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge, located in the Taita Hills Sanctuary, South Eastern Kenya, 400 km out of Nairobi. Sarova is one of the largest hotel chains in Kenya and East Africa, and seeks to offer guests diverse unforgettable experiences.

Sarova recognises that employees are key in the achievement of the organisational mission and has therefore created a dynamic and challenging work environment that fosters personal and professional growth. Through highly engaging and empowering sessions, this away retreat for 32 marketing and sales professionals explored the relationship between emotional intelligence and workplace performance.

December 2017

Rwanda Publishers

Save the Children is the world’s largest independent child rights organisation. Save the Children Rwanda has developed several interventions to advance the right to read. Among the interventions is providing support to the development of a strong and vibrant local book publishing industry. Books are the basic social foundation for the economic and social development of any country. A strong and vibrant local book industry is therefore essential for national development, and for meeting the needs of the citizenry.

The three (3) day Business Management training workshop was organised, with the support of USAID, to strengthen the management capacities of owners and managers of Rwandan publishing houses. The training programme was designed to help the business owners and managers develop the skills necessary to build strong entities capable of providing quality reading materials sustainably. The workshop was held at Hotel Gorillas, Kigali.



November 2017

Senior Officers, County Government of Kisumu

The 2-day executive development training programme was organised for the newly constituted team comprising of senior officers in the Kisumu County Governor’s Office. The purpose of the training was to provide an opportunity for team-building, honing of strategic leadership skills, and building executive capacities for effective leadership. Of specific interest is the desire by the Governor, H.E. Hon. Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o to institutionalise performance management. Performance awareness is critical in promoting an organisational culture that will adopt performance management. When people are increasingly aware of performance, they can keep track of, and identify, what they should do while focusing on their goals.

It is envisioned that the senior officers at the Governor’s Office will play a pivotal role in championing and inculcating a culture of performance across the County organisational structure. The goal is to transform the workers at the County Government of Kisumu into a modern, professional public sector workforce within the next five years in order to provide results that the County residents will feel and experience.


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