“What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me.” –Helen Keller


It’s the second week of the New Year. I believe you have already set, or are in the process of setting your goals for 2015. I would like to make a daring statement: whether you achieve those goals or you don’t is not contigent on your past, your present circumstances, or your genes.


The accomplishments you would like to achieve for your career, your family, your personal growth, leisure, or that ambitious project will depend on one factor: your personal desire to push past barriers, to never give up, and to continually soar above and beyond the unexpected.


I love Helen Keller’s story. Born mid-1880 in Alabama, USA, she became blind, deaf and mute at nineteen months. At 7 years, she got help from Anne Sullivan who became her private tutor. Together, they toiled for 25 years to help Helen learn to speak so that other people could understand her. Helen went on to graduate from university, become a prolific author, a political activist, lecturer and fundraiser.


Helen Keller died at 88 years. How could she become such an iconic figure and live such a remarkable life given her circumstances?


So you have hopes, dreams, goals and plans for your life? And you want to translate them into tangible reality in 2015? You will need to nurture the ‘Helen Keller’ factor – the inner fire that will drive you to extraordinary performance, in spite of: Vision. Passion. Determination. Perseverance. Commitment.


I believe you can achieve this winning sense of self-direction.




©2014 David Waweru


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